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She is Cold as Ice but in the Right Hands, She Melts

Ella es fría como el hielo pero en las manos correctas, se derrite.
Outdoor Intervention/Collaboration with Juan Aaron Castillo, 2017

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Chorus is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth's radiation belts. Recording via Radiation Belt Storm Probes orbiting within the Van Allen Belts since 2012 (NASA/EMFISIS). This is what the radiation belts would sound like to a human...if you had radio antennas for ears.
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“Embed Stephanie Darling’s polyvinyl-chloride/bone sculpture (originally a suspended installation titled Whale Fall) into the coffee-scented streets of the Eastwood neighborhood of Houston in the middle of the night. Stephanie’s sculpture relates to the aftermath of a whale carcass’ descent into the abyssal zone on the ocean floor so indulging my fantasies of the Bayou City as a future ocean-floor seemed valid. What does Washington, D.C. look like with two meters of sea level rise anyway? Is Antarctica as far away as it seems on a map? Renewables. By 3 A.M. and three installations later, I could hardly focus on those questions. Someone kindly referred us to the HPD during the last shots on Harrisburg but thankfully the officers were generous enough to provide their high beams for extra lighting.”
Juan Aaron Castillo


5201 Hilman, Las Vegas5201 Hilman, Las Vegas II5201 Hilman, Las Vegas III5201 Hilman, Las Vegas IV5434 Lawndale, Stephanie's Icehouse5434 Lawndale, Stephanie's Icehouse II5201 Hilman, Las Vegas V
3720 Harrisburg, King Fuels

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