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Whale Fall
2015—2017 (Germany/Texas)

“Whale fall is a reflection of a more wholistic attempt toward an understanding of humankind’s posturing within this realm. The aspects of balance, mutualism, cohabitation and support systems are exemplified in this biological process which ironically takes place within the abyss, so far removed from our scope of vision in darkness, completely out of grasp without our technologies—an illustrative metaphor of a constant human quest into the unknown.”

Whale Fall—Book

Whale Fall II, 8' X 15' X 6'
Kunsthaus Salzwedel, Germany

“So the noble prince proceeded undismayed up fells and acres, along narrow footpaths and ways where they were forced into single file, ledges on cliffs above lairs of water-monsters...  after these words, the prince of the Weather-Geats was impatient to be away and plunged suddenly: Without more ado, he dived in to the heaving depths of the lake. It was the best part of a day before he could see the solid bottom.”

(Beowulf: lines 14081411,14921496)

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